WARNING: still under construction

How it works

When you start fresh, a value from 0 to 4 is secretly and randomly choosen for each of the stats (see below) for your wife.
Each game starts with the same introduction, but you get a randomly selected limited number of prompts to use on your wife.
A prompt is basically something you say to your wife to try and convince her to open up sexually.
You may dismiss or bring back up to 2 prompts per "play".
For example:
Honey, you know I love you. You know I want you, but there is something I would like to talk to you about... I sort of have this desire, this fantasy, of being locked in chastity.

Prompts have four lists of stats that affect the success of the prompt, and are affected by the outcome of the prompt.
If you click on a prompt, it's lists are checked and text is generated as the reply of the wife.
If you succeeded, your wife will be more tolerant for you! If you failed, she will be less opened and more critical. You also get a strike.
You can then make another prompt, but if you get too many strikes, she will dump you and you lose.
You "win" when none of the remaining prompts are of interest to you. You can then click on "I am happy" to get a summary.
Games cannot be saved, but the initial state of a wife is stored in an encrypted string you can use to try again.
In a way, this a roguelike game, since you play until a final objective, and until then, have an element of luck and of deduction to move forward, but at the end of the game, you don't gain any advantages over the next one.

What is patience?

There are 2 ways a game can end without you manually ending it: if you strike out, or if you run out of your wife's patience.
If you get a STRIKE (see below) when you don't have any left, your wife divorces you and your lose.
But if your wife no longer has any patience and you can't increase it, the game simply ends, and you keep her in the current status quo!

How does patience work?

Each time you play a prompt, you lose 1 patience. If you fail (but not get a strike), you lose another 2. If you have a strike, another 4 (a total of 5, not a total of 7).
But if you dismiss a prompt by telling her "No, I don't want to do that, ever", then you get 1 point of patience back (maximum 15).
If you undo a dismissal at any point, you lose one, even if you were already at 15 when you dismissed it. She doesn't like it when you change your mind about giving up on something.

What if you run out of her patience and you want to keep going?

You can cause a fight, and cause her to feel guilty, in which case, you lose 1 strike (you did cause a fight), but she gains 9 in patience. It gives you some time to act...
Or if you have some, you could get rid of one of your Breen points (see below) to gain 3 patience. It's almost nothing, but you get to dismiss 2 to get back to 5.

Any other use for patience?

You can spend 10 (if you have a little more than 10) by asking your wife to pick a prompt herself. It will be one with an automatic success, so you WILL get a Breen point, and if you already had 2, an upgrade and a potential filling of her patience.

Elements of chance

The biggest element of chance are the stats of the wife, which can be mitigated by reusing a seed.
The second element of chance is that the prompts you get, are random. You aren't certain to get the prompt you want
The third element of change is that the texts your wife replies, will eventually have some variants
The final element of chance is that if a prompt is barely failing (by only 1 point), a six sides dice is rolled, and it success if you roll a 4 or more.
Everthing else is either pre-determined, or up to your choices.

The five lists of stats for each prompt

The positive list

This means that a high number for the stats in this list will help the prompt to succeed.
If any of the stats in that list are a 4 (natural or modified), you succeed automatically at the highest level (unless blocked, see below)!
If none of them are a 4, their value are added to the total. See below for more information.

The boost list

This list doesn't affect the prompt outcome, but they are affected by it. See below.

The negative list

This means that a high number for the stats in the lists will hinder the prompt. In short, she fears an opportunity cost: if she says yes to this, she might not get something on the opposite of the current prompt. For example, you ask to be submissive and she wants to be to dominant, it will hurt your chances.
If any of the stats in that list are a 4 (natural or modified), you fail automatically, unless you received an automatic success from the positive live.
If none of them are a 4, their value is subtracted from the total, unless they are a modified 0 (or less). See below for more information.

The required list

This means that in order to even see the prompt, those stats need to have been improved to 4
A natural 4 is not enough! You need to have a positive modifier, and for the total to be 4 or more.
For example, to even ask to be in permanent chastity, you need to have succeeded at getting long-term chastity.

The blocking list

This means that if a natural or a modified stat from that list is 0, you fail automatically.
This is the case even if the stat was raised to a 4!
Blocking is a major hindrance, since you can't go around it, there is no way to avoid a block, other than using a Breen point to raise it (see below).
All of the steps for asking for chastity, for example, have a block on "Wants chastity for you". If she has a zero in that task, you will never be in chastity. She is fully opposed to it.
Fortunately, it is also the less frequently used list, so in numerous instances, it only blocks a single prompt.
As another example, to get permanent chastity, you need long-term chastity anyway, so if permanent chastity is blocked, it's not that much of a failure.

How success is determined for a prompt

Here is the way the outcome of a prompt is determined:
  1. Does the prompt block (have a 0 in one of the blocked stats)? If so, failure and a STRIKE
  2. Are any of the positive values a natural or modified 4 or more? If so, it is an AUTOMATIC_SUCCESS! It also adds one Breen point to your reserve
  3. If not, add the positive values to the total
  4. Are any of the negative values a natural or modified 4 or more? If so, failure and a STRIKE
  5. If not, subtract the negative values from the total (but only if more than 0)
  6. Divide the total by the number of positive values and the number of negative values higher than 0.
  7. If the result is more or equal to the difficulty (by default 3), it is a SUCCESS!
  8. If the result is more or equal to the difficulty minus 1, and a dice roll is 4 or more, get a MINOR_SUCCESS
  9. Otherwise a FAILURE. If the result is less than 1, you also get a STRIKE.
  10. On a SUCCESS or AUTOMATIC_SUCCESS, all the positive list stats modifier increase by 1, all the negative list stats modifier are lowered by one, and you get what you wanted.
  11. On a MINOR_SUCCESS, no stats modifier is modified, but you still get what you wanted.
  12. On a FAILURE or a STRIKE, all the positive list stats modifier get lowered by 1, all the negative list stats modifier are increased by one, and you do not get what you wanted.
  13. If the prompt has "boost" stats, they will be increased on a SUCCESS or AUTOMATIC_SUCCESS, and lowered on a FAILURE or A STRIKE, but will not change on a MINOR_SUCCESS, and they do not contribute to the outcome of the current prompt.

How many strikes do you get?

The average of all the stats of a wife, rounded up, is your number of strikes, but you gain one each time you get an automatic success. The more naturally open a wife is, the more strikes she will tolerate. Almost all the wives will start with 2 or 3 strikes, but even a 2 strike wife might have a few interesting 4 to help you progress, and a 3 strike wife might still block you from progressing.

What is a Breen point?

When you have an automatic success, you get one Breen (Brown-Green) point. When you have 3, you need to perform one of the following 4 options:
  • Gain another strike
  • Improve by one any of the 7 randomly non maxed out stats
  • Remove from the list of failures a past prompts so you may try again
  • Refill your wife's patience to 15 (the max)

What are the stat categories?

42 of the stats are divided into 6 categories (7 per category). Here is the list of the categories:
  • Chastity: if your wife wants you in chastity.
  • Personal: If your wife is still interested in you.
  • Dominant: If your wife wants to dominate you
  • Submissive: If your wife is submissive, to you or her lovers
  • Non-monogamous: if your wife wants to have sex with other people
  • Sociable: if your wife wants to be emotionally close to other people, such a dating her lovers, have sex with her or your friends.

What are the wife types?

There are 7 wife types: Balanced, and each of the 6 categories. When you pick a non-balanced wife, she will get a boost on each of the stats for her category, but get an equivalent negative on the others. Each wife also had a bias: a certain stat on which the first prompt will be. Some of them also reject a whole category of stats and you will not see prompts for those stats.

List of the stats

Category Name Description
Wants indirect talk This stat indicates if you need to go slowly with your wife when trying to convince her, and no be too blunt
Wants direct talk This stat indicates that you wife wants a more direct talk.
chastity Wants chastity for you The big one! If firmly opposed, you will not succeed in being in chastity, but might be able to get her to do other sexual acts, like teasing, cuckolding, etc...
chastity Wants strict chastity for you Will she want to even hold the key and hold you in chastity? Letting you be in chastity is one thing, this one is about whether she will hold you to it.
chastity Wants long term chastity for you What's her goal for chastity? If this is high, it's longer time periods. If not, she will want more frequent releases.
chastity Wants permanent chastity for you What is her end game? Is it to lock you permanently and throw away the key?

This one requires a little more explanation. If she has a zero in "wants chastity for you" and a high value here, it means that she cannot see you as sexual and in chastity, but if you are willing to give up on releases forever, she will go for it.

Same with wants strict chastity, if she is against and high here, it means that she doesn't want the responsibility of managing the chastity, but with permanent, she is fine with it.

In short, this stat can override the other chastity stats if you push on the permanent chastity.
chastity Wants you to be denied orgasms If your wife wants you to not get orgasms, this will be high. Please note that this is completely independent of chastity.
chastity Likes to tease you This is if she gets pleasure from the act of teasing you, of pretending that she will give you an orgasm, for example, and not giving you now. Even if at 0, she will do some teasing because it's expected if you are in chastity, so this is for all teasing above and beyond the basis.
chastity Enjoys Giving You Pleasure How much she enjoys giving you sexual pleasure, such as giving you releases, and so on. But it's also from other means than penile stimulation, such as Pegging and such.
personal Prefers penetration This stat indicates if your wife prefers being penetrated to other forms of sexuality such as oral sex.
personal Wants anal sex Is your wife interested in being on the receiving end of anal sex?
personal Wants talking about sex How comfortable is she even talking about sex? This has nothing to do with being direct or not. A wife with a high direct stat might be easy to convince to do things, but then, wouldn't want to talk about it afterwards
personal Still desires you Does she still desire you after this? She might now be bisexual, a hotwife, a cuckoldress, have threesomes, etc...

Will you be pussy free? Are you still of interest for her?
personal Wants you to see Hopefully, your wife will explore sexuality with others, either in threesomes, with a bull, etc...

This stats determines if you stay home all the time, or if she can let you see what she is doing with others.
personal Wants to be naked with you This is independent of the other nudity one. This is about you, when it's just you and her. If she is willing to be naked with others but not with you, well, you don't get to see her, but they do.
personal Anal Training Is she interested in getting you pleasure anally, either from pegging, from dildos or just from you exploring anal pleasure.
dominant Wants you to be submissive What does she want your role to be? If she wants you to be submissive, you have to submit, either to her (if she wants to be dominant) or perhaps to her dominant (if she would like to be submissive).

If she wants you to be submissive and dominant, it might mean submissive to an alpha male, and dominant toward her.
dominant Wants to be dominant Will she take charge when it comes to you? In short, this is one of those crucial stats which can open a lot of interesting content, but it's as random as any other ones.
dominant Wants a FLR Outside the bedroom, does she want to take charge of the relationship and operate with a female led relationship?

This stat is fully independent of the 4 power exchange stats (about submission and domination).
dominant How bisexual can you be Will she tolerate having you play with men, or will she forbid it? Or will she force it? This stat decides this, with a high stat more on the force, and a low on the forbiding side.
dominant Wants your nudity Does she see your nudity as humiliating and a good thing? Or does she want you to remain clothed for her comfort. This is the stat that determines it.
dominant Wants you as a sissy If so, you can (or might have to) cross dress. Affects many other options...
dominant Sadist This stat determines if your wife enjoys inflicting pain, including to you.
submissive Wants chastity for her Fine, you want to be in chastity, but what about her? If you propose that she also be locked, perhaps for a bull's usage, will she go along with it? If she is against your chastity but for hers, you would also be denied her pussy via her own chastity.
submissive Wants to be submissive In the grand scheme of things, does she see herself as submissive?

If you want her to keep you in chastity, this might need her to get another person to dominate her, but is she even open to that? That depends on other stats!
submissive Wants you to be dominant What does she want your role to be? If she wants you to be dominant, you have to dominate her, at least sometimes, which could be a problem with your chastity desires (or not).

If she wants you to be submissive and dominant, it might mean submissive to an alpha male, and dominant toward her.
submissive Wants a bull This overrides cuckolding, being a hotwife, and so many other options. In short, if you convince her to have a bull (of she is wants one), she will get one man who she will let control her sexuality (and if she wants other relationship, of her heart).

If she wants you submissive, she will make him control you, and if she wants you to be bisexual, to have him use you.

In short, this can interact with many other options!
submissive Wants to gang bang It says it all. This is completely independent of the other options. When at a gang bang, it's like there is a switch in her mind which turns on and she goes all in, having sex with anyone on location (or letting them use her, as she might not want any control).

Outside the gang bang, she uses the other stats.
submissive Masochist Whether your wife enjoys receiving and feeling pain
submissive Bareback Does she enjoy the idea of having men ejaculate in her pussy, leaving sperm inside her
non-monogamous How bisexual is she Is she interested in sex with women? Is not required for FFM threesomes, but will affect how much she plays with the other woman in those threesomes.
non-monogamous Wants to be a hotwife Is she willing to have sex with other men (and women if bisexual), for her pleasure?

If she wants to be a hotwife, but not a cuckoldress, it means that she doesn't enjoy humiliating you for it. If the opposite, it means she is only willing to do it to humiliate you.
non-monogamous Wants to cuckold you Is she willing to have sex with other men (and women if bisexual), for your humiliation and degradation?

If she wants to be a hotwife, but not a cuckoldress, it means that she doesn't enjoy humiliating you for it. If the opposite, it means she is only willing to do it to humiliate you.
non-monogamous Wants to be a swinger Swinging is different from cuckolding. If she wants to swing, she wants random partners when going out to a sex club, and plays with others just for the fun of it. This doesn't make her a hotwife per se: she might only see people in the context of swinging.

You might still be in chastity, or it might be your only option for release (to have sex with others). It can vary...
non-monogamous Wants to pick her lovers If so, she is responsible for who she has sex with, if not, either a bull picks, she never says no in a sex club, or she lets you pick.

If none of the outside sex stats are open, well... this is moot.
non-monogamous Wants MFM threesome Does she want to have sex with 2 men? This can or not include you, depending on other options.

Even if this is against any other external sex, threesome will occur if this is on.
non-monogamous Wants FFM threesome If she is bisexual, she will also have sex with the other woman, but otherwise, it will be a very lucky guy... but not you. Might be her bull, one of her friends, one of your friends, it all depends on which other option is on.

If none are, she will still do them with a random couple.
sociable Wants other relationships Does she want other boyfriends or girlfriends?

Now, this stat depends on at least one of the following to work:

- Her bisexuality, to allow her to get a girlfriend
- Being a hotwife, to allow her to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend
- Being a cuckoldress, to allow her to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend
- Wanting MFM threesomes to date one (or both) of the men
- Wanting FFM threesome to date an heterosexual couple
- Wanting to have sex with your friends, to date on of them (since it overrides cuckolding/hotwife)
- Wanting to have sex with her friends, to date on of them (since it overrides cuckolding/hotwife)
- Wanting a bull (to date him)
- Wanting to be a swinger (to date some of them).

If despite the long list of options, none of them work, she will simply date someone without having sex with them.
sociable Wants to have sex with your friends Does she find it hot to have sex with your friends? If so, this might change your friend group dynamic. This option overrides any reluctance to being a hotwife/cuckoldress, as this is personal.

Plays well with the threesome options...
sociable Want to have sex with her friends Does she find it hot to have sex with her friends? This option overrides any reluctance to being a hotwife/cuckoldress, as this is personal.

Plays well with the threesome options...
sociable Want you to service her friends (or yours) That friend of her who just got dumped by her boyfriend... does your wife she wants you to go clean her apartment naked and go down on her to help with her loneliness? When your friends are over, are you naked and serve as butler?

This is this stat.

sociable Is open about your lifestyle Granted, her bull, the guys she cuckolds you with all know about your chastity and her indiscretions, same with the friends she plays with or makes you service.

This is about everyone else... does her parents know, for example? What about your neighbors, your co-workers at business functions? Does she wear bracelets or something like that?

If not, she will be shy about it.
sociable Comfortable with her nudity with others How easy is it to get her out of her clothes in the company of others? What about skinny-dipping with friends? At a swingers club, what does she wear?

This is one of those stats which change how others are applied.
sociable Exhibitionist If she is interested in public sex, or dressing provocatively around people whom she is not sexually active with. This is different from nudity with others, which only includes people in her social trust (like your friends at a party). It is also different because it includes exposing you too...