A rogue like text adventure

In this game, you are married to a randomly generated vanilla wife, and try to convince her to keep you in male chastity, and perhaps cuckold you, or peg you, or turn you into sissy.

Currently in Alpha mode! You need to have pledged $10 USD or more to our Patreon to play.

A Dynamic "convince your wife" adventure

  • Unique wives

    Each time you play with a random seed, you will get a random wife with her own desires and blacklists.

  • Unique seeds

    Each random wife will get her own seed to let you try again, perhaps with different choices

  • Unique experience

    While there will be a limited number of texts written, the goal is to provide dynamic content on each play through so the experience is unique

How it works

You always start with the same common introduction, and get to break the ice
How you start, where you go, is up to you... and the random hidden desires of your wife!

  • 44 independent stats
  • 50 template texts
  • 57857 template words
  • 46 prompts
  • Millions of possibilities

Wives have a set of randomly selected stats, between 0 (doesn't want a all) and 4 (loves it), with 1 (can be convinced eventually), and 2 (should be able to be convinced) and 3 (easy to convince) in between.

After reading the static intro, you will get a list of prompts. Read them, and pick the one you want to open with, asking for something from your wife.

Each time you ask for a stat where she has a 0, you fail, and get a strike. Enough strikes, and she dumps you...

But if she has a 2 or 3, she might be willing to try it, allowing you to earn her trust and move forward with her.

And each time you hit a 4, she opens up, and becomes even more patient with you!

Get started

Starting on September 2nd 2023, the project is in Alpha, so our Patreon members who pledged $10 USD or more get early access.